Friday, July 29, 2011

vacation for cooking

i wish i had a vacation for cooking, once a week, where on a weekday i can go nuts in the kitchen. i think that if i didn't work, i would have 3 real meals a day for my husband to eat. 3 gorgeous, hand-made meals.

i have all these recipes to try (mostly from orangette) like sweet potato biscuits, chocolate-covered macaroons, and i am sure something healthy.

dang. i just pressed something and lost what i had written.

i would have such a good time in the kitchen, and balance it out with garden time. it would be a dream.
i could even have a cleaner house!

aaahh, if only.

and if i had at my fingertrips local fruits and veggies, dairy, a butcher, a baker (i DO have that), a sweet shop, a coffee shop, 4 or 5 restaurants serving organic, local would be better. if only.

but i couldn't help but wonder, if i am always thinking of how my life could be better, am i failing to be grateful for the life i have now?
(wanted to sound like carrie bradshaw for a minute. and i did.)

last night.

i did it. i ran 3 miles last night. although every morsel of self did not want to do it, i did it.

this morning i met LORI and we did the bootcamp pool workout and then ran 1.5 miles. could have run more, but the pain was returning and i'd rather save that pain for my long run this weekend. (runners, don't worry, it's just some odd chaffing. non-runners, sorry, i know it's gross to you.)

however, my eating has been terrible. argh. no self-control. i used to be different.

i strive. i start. i finish.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

true love.

White Mint Truffle          this and a movie sounds better than a run.    :(


                                                  Maroon Lake and Maroon Bells Rocky Mountains.


i have been running almost every day (maybe lacking an overall 8-10 days) for ten weeks now. i am up to almost 5 miles on my long runs, and (terrible compared to yesteryears, just under 11 minute pace.)


also, the past couple of days, lazy.

i had a small injury sun/mon. but now i am just lazy. i think it is because my husband is out of town, and my sleep is terrible. but there is no excuse. i have still been doing bootcamp, so my fitness level probably isn't falling, but i feel better when i run. i DO need some new running bottoms, so that is stopping me a bit. (hey, lazy, go use your old navy groupon! you've already paid!!) okay, i am sure the heat is contributing to my drained-i want to drink a beer and eat pizza-attitude, but blah blah blah.

i brought my clothes with me in hopes that i will go straight somewhere to run. and i am meeting a friend in the early morning to run inside and do a bootcamp workout at the pool. here's hoping.

on living in the country

i believe my heart truly lies in country living. my husband, too. we are aiming for it.
the commute will not be ideal, nor will the lack of time to cook and bake and cool pies on my kitchen windowsill, but i think i will be happier. and get some chickens, and maybe a dog again.
definitely a bigger garden, and a nice place to relax outside. ideally, an air conditioned "shed" for arts, crafts, sewing, and tools. definitely a fireplace. eventually a well-stocked underground, hidden shelter. i don't think this is too much to ask. oh, i'll take a stream and wild cherry trees as well as a million dollars, too.

if you'd like to donate to us for a piece of dirt, a brick, seeds, or a dose of reality, click here.

oh, and i think i ache for this (besides from it being in my bones) because of books (namely LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and BOXCAR CHILDREN, book one) and films -- especially SNOW WHITE.

i will die dreaming.


just ate up

                                                                                            How to Eat a Small Country: A Family's Pursuit of Happiness, One Meal at a Time

okay, so i will leave it huge. it's not my lack of technical skills. i am making a point.

read it if you like:

real-life marriage & family (it gets a bit real.)
country life

here is my one question, and i am thinking of asking the author. how did you get your dog to be with you in france for 6 months, when he should be quarantined for the first six months you are there? she had to have shipped him off 6 months before departure.

just read

i just finished my second JONAH LEHRER book. he is an absolute genius, and such a darling, too.

                                                 How We Decide

(don't click top look inside. well, you can try.)

i just wrote a review and felt more stupid than i have in weeks. (well, earlier i realized i had been spelling homemade without the second 'm.' incroyable.) so, the title explains the book. read it. you won't be lost, and chances are, you'll love it.

proud in my kitchen

sunday night we had a guest for dinner. husband was preparing steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes with rosemary, and cucumber/tomato salad with veggies from the garden. we were also planning fried okra (i know, a somewhat strange edition) but there wasn't enough on the plants to satisfy.

i decided it was time to make aunt kittie's banana pudding. it was my first attempt at pudding, but i entered the kitchen with confidence, and not much time on the clock. i followed the recipe almost exactly (a rarity) but had to rig a double-boiler. (one pot inside another.)
everything was going smoothly...until my six minutes were up and my pudding hadn't formed. i knew i had done everything correctly, besides accidentally adding the vanilla too early. this couldn't be the reason, what is going on? i check the recipe one, two, three times. yes, i am supposed to keep this on the broiler. yes, it says 6 minutes, not 60. could it be my aunt kittie's magical ways? she is over 90 but she's completely clear-minded so i knew the recipe didn't contain a mistake. i continue to stir, my arm growing more tired by the minute, sweat forming on my brow. i finally (after 25 minutes) put the small pot directly on the stove. voila. 6 minutes, a perfect pudding. (my husband later told me that it was because a double-broiler has a THIN top pot. wish he would have observed my dilemma.)

i let the pudding chill a bit, and then layered it with homemade whipped cream and bananas and used darling mason jars as containers (thanks, Capital Bar & Grill.)  super good. super happy.

it couldn't have been a lovlier evening. unless it were cooler.

thanks, aunt kittie. i owe you a thank you note. (and a hug.)  :)

recently in my kitchen, part II

well, it wasn't my kitchen, but when i was in houston with several girlfriends, i made a yummy brunch with fried bacon, french toast, mimosas, and coffee. nothing spectacular....except the girls loved it.

i sprinkled and added this or that for the toast, yielding to one picky friend's taste...

and tried a tip from molly (a homemade life) and cooked the toast in oil.
using a crusty white french bread, it turned out quite well. thanks to molly and her dad, burg.

i thought i made more than enough (including the bacon and turkey bacon) but there wasn't a morsel left!
i always love a crowd pleaser.

recently in my kitchen

the cucumbers are producing quickly and there's only so much one girl can pickle, so i made a delicious and refreshing summery CUCUMBER DILL SOUP.

6 medium sized cucumbers
1 1/2 cups greek yogurt
salt, to taste
1 cup water, or more, if needed
small handful of dill, fresh from your garden! (don't have one? start one! no space? check into a community space.)

blend. serve chilled. (works nicely to put in the freezer for about 20 minutes.)

seems like there may have been one more this from i will have to check.
packed with protein, cool & delish, and a great appetizer.


there is no excuse for my accidental hiatus. i have still been thinking and living and writing.
just not sharing.


they don't update as frequently as others, but you will find yourself excited when you see that they have.
orangette also has a lovely book:

i checked it out from the library (quel surprise) but might treat myself and buy it.
many valuable recipes. she basically tells a story, a memory, about a cooking or eating experience and then shares, expertly, how to make it. and that is what i will do for you.