Thursday, July 28, 2011

proud in my kitchen

sunday night we had a guest for dinner. husband was preparing steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes with rosemary, and cucumber/tomato salad with veggies from the garden. we were also planning fried okra (i know, a somewhat strange edition) but there wasn't enough on the plants to satisfy.

i decided it was time to make aunt kittie's banana pudding. it was my first attempt at pudding, but i entered the kitchen with confidence, and not much time on the clock. i followed the recipe almost exactly (a rarity) but had to rig a double-boiler. (one pot inside another.)
everything was going smoothly...until my six minutes were up and my pudding hadn't formed. i knew i had done everything correctly, besides accidentally adding the vanilla too early. this couldn't be the reason, what is going on? i check the recipe one, two, three times. yes, i am supposed to keep this on the broiler. yes, it says 6 minutes, not 60. could it be my aunt kittie's magical ways? she is over 90 but she's completely clear-minded so i knew the recipe didn't contain a mistake. i continue to stir, my arm growing more tired by the minute, sweat forming on my brow. i finally (after 25 minutes) put the small pot directly on the stove. voila. 6 minutes, a perfect pudding. (my husband later told me that it was because a double-broiler has a THIN top pot. wish he would have observed my dilemma.)

i let the pudding chill a bit, and then layered it with homemade whipped cream and bananas and used darling mason jars as containers (thanks, Capital Bar & Grill.)  super good. super happy.

it couldn't have been a lovlier evening. unless it were cooler.

thanks, aunt kittie. i owe you a thank you note. (and a hug.)  :)

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