Thursday, July 28, 2011


i have been running almost every day (maybe lacking an overall 8-10 days) for ten weeks now. i am up to almost 5 miles on my long runs, and (terrible compared to yesteryears, just under 11 minute pace.)


also, the past couple of days, lazy.

i had a small injury sun/mon. but now i am just lazy. i think it is because my husband is out of town, and my sleep is terrible. but there is no excuse. i have still been doing bootcamp, so my fitness level probably isn't falling, but i feel better when i run. i DO need some new running bottoms, so that is stopping me a bit. (hey, lazy, go use your old navy groupon! you've already paid!!) okay, i am sure the heat is contributing to my drained-i want to drink a beer and eat pizza-attitude, but blah blah blah.

i brought my clothes with me in hopes that i will go straight somewhere to run. and i am meeting a friend in the early morning to run inside and do a bootcamp workout at the pool. here's hoping.

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