Friday, July 29, 2011

vacation for cooking

i wish i had a vacation for cooking, once a week, where on a weekday i can go nuts in the kitchen. i think that if i didn't work, i would have 3 real meals a day for my husband to eat. 3 gorgeous, hand-made meals.

i have all these recipes to try (mostly from orangette) like sweet potato biscuits, chocolate-covered macaroons, and i am sure something healthy.

dang. i just pressed something and lost what i had written.

i would have such a good time in the kitchen, and balance it out with garden time. it would be a dream.
i could even have a cleaner house!

aaahh, if only.

and if i had at my fingertrips local fruits and veggies, dairy, a butcher, a baker (i DO have that), a sweet shop, a coffee shop, 4 or 5 restaurants serving organic, local would be better. if only.

but i couldn't help but wonder, if i am always thinking of how my life could be better, am i failing to be grateful for the life i have now?
(wanted to sound like carrie bradshaw for a minute. and i did.)

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