Monday, August 1, 2011

trop de sel

yesterday i had a grand time in the kitchen. i finished nearly everything i planned.

first i went shopping, buying loads of ingredients for all of my recipes.
then i tended to the garden and harvested okra, tomatoes, and cucumbers--while i baked this:


DUTCH BABY PANCAKES, adapted from molly wizenberg.
something like...

1/2 cup flour, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup half & half in the blender--
added to 1/2 stick  butter melted in a  2 six inch cast-irons.
bake for 25 minutes at...425F,
i recommend to add to the mix about 1/4-1/2 sugar, to your liking.
cook until golden brown, careful not to burn the edges, and brush with melted butter before serving.
(we don't have baby cast-irons so they weren't dutch babies.)
topped with lemon juice and powdered sugar for me;
fresh strawberries and maple syrup for my sweetie.
loads of turkey bacon, coffee, orange mango juice, and TWIN PEAKS.

then a nap followed by a five mile run on the treadmill, and a much needed storm!

back home to make dinner:

i prepared (once again, my obsession's recipe) of banana bread with choc chips and ginger to bake while i cooked.


fried chicken with brown chicken gravy. (first time for both!)
fried okra (harvested this morning.)
creamy mashed potatoes (courtesy of my man, i think because he knows he makes them better.)
turnip greens (harvested & frozen  from my winter crop)

and...from my title...too much salt  :( all except the potatoes, and okra wasn't too bad.
however, my husband ate every last bit on his plate, waited 2 hours, and ate another plate.
so i guess it tasted rather yummy...

and for dessert: the banana bread, topped with hand-whipped cream.

just now i had a bit of bread with a morning cup of tea.  :)  (lady grey)

now i only need to make some more CUCUMBER DILL SOUP, and perhaps make some more pickles.
(my first batch of dill ones are not good--i need to change recipes. i am sure the sweet pickles are delish.)

i have planned a labor intensive treat to make soon as presents to my sisters for their birthday.
those, along with another small treat will make a nice prezzy, i would think :)

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