Friday, August 12, 2011


i was thinking about writing this blog when my sister came to visit me. she noticed my brand of lipstick when i was showing her the darling little mirror on the end of the tube. so small! so convenient!  i don't remember her words about me, but she said, "i've never even bought YSL lipstick."  i told her next time she had a manic mini-shopping spree, maybe she could pick up some.

here's the story...i had to drive the black clunker to work (see previous entry) and as i was driving i touched up my 'taboo rouge' (taboo red) yves st laurent lipstick. and then i thought, "i guess i am a little bit funny."  walking (driving?) contradiction. for you to have the complete picture and laugh, i'll describe the car.

 black clunker was given to us by my husband's uncle, so we are grateful for it. it's a saturn, and 2-door, and probably from 1995. it has a smashed in front end (which is apparently plastic--"we don't work on plastic cars!" they tell me at the shop) and the styrofoam is showing through the hole  (who knew? styrofoam on a car?) the A/C does not work, so the windows have to be down most of the time. the mini-window in the back on the driver's side is smashed, so we sit on a towel when it has rained, since the car's all wet. at least 2 of the tires are usually low. i mean super low, super fast. (we've had them "fixed" but i am certainly not justifying new tires on a car worth less than my other car payment. plus, then i wouldn't have such a blast at the ghetto gas station using the air pump. cat calls. stares. grease on hands.)n i digress. car description continues:  the light fixture on the ceiling dangles, as does the ceiling material and the material on the side of the doors has been pulled off...i may be forgetting something.
 it did look pretty "washed" from the rain this morning.
and i'm glad we have that second car while the "real" car is in the shop :)

you probably have a good image. that + super expensive lipstick and bright red lips!  :)

closing thought: on a regular walking route in paris, i would stroll past the YSL "haute couture" building. i always wanted to see in, or at least to see a famous model or actor walking out, leaving their fine fitting. i didn't, but i enjoyed just imagining it.

and another: i feel that this bit of writing doesn't flow well. maybe it's the morning i've had. or lack of caffeine. coffee tastes gross to me these days :(

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