Friday, August 5, 2011

i will

i will not look in the mirror everytime i pass one.
i will not compare myself to others.
i will think about my beauty and my fitness more than i think about my fat
i will try to dress up once a week, including make-up.

i will smile more often, even when i don't feel like smiling.
i will take time to be sad, and allow myself to cry

i will spend less money on frivilous and fleeting things (out to eat) and save more

i will remember that sleeping in instead of some form of morning exercise makes me feel more low than rested.

i will make smart food choices that make my body and soul feel better.
i will limit dairy, as it makes me sick, and is a toxin to my body.
i will allow myself indulgent treats, only sometimes, and savor every bite.
i will spend more time writing letters, doing crafts, painting, and reading at home with a cup of tea.
i will remember that these things make me truly happy.

i will fix my eyes on Jesus.
i will glorify the LORD.
i will spend time reading His words He wrote for me.

i will learn to love my job, and not allow my pride to surface.
i will consider others better than myself.

i will forget (and not regret) the past, and strive toward what is ahead.

God will reveal my calling to me one day.

i will pray for my husband, selflessly, more often.

i will learn to love myself again.
i will allow my soul to sing.

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