Friday, August 19, 2011


skip this post if you are a man.

those who know me know that i hate wearing a bra. i will try to get around it as much as possible.
i hate bra shopping, i hate how they feel. i hate how other people enjoy their bras, and how some even sleep in them.

recently i accidentally dried one of two bras that i own.
(neither of them fit properly.)

the black (dried) bra now flipped out considerably on the left cup. it looked ridiculous.

i had a thought this week that perhaps wearing my bra inside-out would look better.
and it did! there was a noticeable line at the top of the cups, but nothing to compared to what it was.

this morning i thought, "maybe the inside-out days fixed the bra." and it did! my bra now fits the way it did before. not perfect, but better. i am thankful.


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