Thursday, August 18, 2011

fun surprises

hopefully my husband does not read this until next week. (and if you do, darling, surprise!)

 i read the happiness project (see former post) and will write more about it later, perhaps. Rubin did talk a bit about money related to happiness. not really that money can make happiness, but instead that small splurges (or sometimes big ones) can ignite a bit o' feeling good.

the surprise...i went on amazon and bought a few fun things:

1. sink or swim by waterdeep. if you are not familiar with this album, please check it out immediately! i am not sure how both of us lost our copies. my honey has been wanting to listen to it lately.

enclosed note: for you xoxo

2. sombra. sombra warm therapy gel. you will love it. natural, miraculous, good for all pain. we made our supply last as long as possible, but we are out.

enclosed note: for us xoxo

3. vanilla extract from madagascar. i love using a good vanilla extract. i had this from a wedding present. clearly, i also made that one stretch, but i need more.

enclosed note: for me xoxo

they are really all three for both of us, but i couldn't resist the cute notes.
and for only 32 dollars and 19 cents, endless happiness!

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