Friday, August 12, 2011

coming soon

i read about this new novel (first-time novelist) in the book review.  i have been thinking about michigan for about a month now. i hear about it, read about it, look at pictures of places. it keeps coming back to me. i think, maybe i need to go to mackinac island or whatnot (spelling? pronounced mack-e-naw.)

anyway, when i read this review, i knew. this book is for me!

it just came in from being on hold at the library. can't wait.

South of Superior(don't click to look inside)
i hadn't seen the cover, and it surprised me. but i like it. :)

btw, september is national library card, so make sure you have yours. and some businesses offer discounts for those with library cards during this month, so check with your local branch. all four of you.

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  1. why shouldn't we click to look inside? (of course, i had to.) and please answer me this time. :)
    one of the four.
    (although, i am SURE more than four enjoy your wonderful posts on this beautiful blog.)