Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly
credit: http://stevecreek.com/arkansas-river-dragonfly/

today on my break i had a visit from a bright blue dragonfly. he was so pretty and i was delighted to see him. he seemed tame and even landed on my arm and "smelled" me. i love dragonflies.

when cade and i were married outside, dragonflies flew all around us. in different cultures, they symbolize different things. i take from the chinese to mean prosperity, and our native americans to illustrate happiness. i and others thought this was extra special on our wedding day.

the ones who visited that day were green, i believe. they seem so content flitting around.  :)

http://lyce1.free.fr/cours/chap1_svt.php (credit)

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