Thursday, August 25, 2011

workout update

i don't think anyone has read any of this since i pledged my five days a week.

however, i will post something tonight to stay true to my word.

update on working out:  finally lost 5 pounds, maybe, i think.
geez, that's great. only 3 months and 5 whole pounds. wth. that'll be ten whole pounds by christmas, instead of the projected 40. surely i can still do it.

i will have my mother measure me again when i am at her house and maybe i will see some difference.
i KNOW i am smaller.

to keep training toward a goal, and to hopefully help shed pounds, i signed up for the SOARING WINGS HALF MARATHON. (sorry, i can't italicize for some reason.)

check it out on facebook:
or, for those less socially mediac,

saturday 29 october, unfortunately just a few hours before the most hardcore shift of the year at my second job. and hopefully not too hilly of a course.

but i am sure i will have a blast, regardless. and maybe not walk on sunday.
(this is pending no hip injuries. if so, my registration fee will be more of a donation...)
hoping for the best.

sorry for the lame post, ghost readers... i had a flashback of the grand canyon today, so hopefully i will write about that tomorrow. instead of smell, which is the sense that most often triggers memory, it was touch. super cool.

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  1. i can't believe you're doing the half! so--does that mean you're still going to work at CH that day, too??? you're amazing.

    and i've been telling you you're smaller for months now.
    (not that you weren't perfect when you began.) i'm happy for you for your 5!

    i hope i can see the grand canyon some day. can't wait for the post.