Friday, August 19, 2011


going crazy here.

which is correct?

my husband cade...

my husband, cade, ...

one would imply that i only have one husband. the other would imply that i have more than one husband.
such as, i have 4 sisters, so i would either write

my sister rebekah ...
 my sister, rebekah, ...

i think the commas with the husband are correct, but i can't remember.

help! please reply.


  1. i think people often make a mistake regarding this question, which is why it is confusing. my mind sees both ways on a regular basis. i may have to call dr. susan wink.

  2. Fairly certain the correct way would be:

    My husband, Cade, ...

    because you could remove the name "Cade" and the sentence would still make sense.

    Does that make sense??? ;-)

  3. i'm with Jennie.

    although the rules with commas have changed since we've been in middle/high school (e.g. only ONE space after periods; i still put two)...all that to say, both ways might be acceptable now.

    but i still do the commas.