Wednesday, August 24, 2011


that's french for yuck!

so i just started a new book

The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - Citywell, my (library) copy has a better cover

i am having a grand time so far, finding myself lost in each page and already choosing a recipe to try tonight.. of course, how could i not love a book about paris, cooking, and la vie parisienne written by a man who worked over a decade at chez panisse?

and then, on page 27, i come to this paragraph with a solution to a lack of space in an oh-so-typical parisian apartment:

     And why limit the bathroom to personal grooming? My dated, but thoroughly utilitarian, marble bathroom shelves are a perfect pigeon-proof environment* for cooling candy. When there are lots of pots and pans to be tackled, there's much more room in my generously sized bathtub than in my dinky kitchen sink , which would frustrate even Barbie if it were installed in her dream house.

*He had tried using his roof top to cool his delicious desserts.

disgusting!!! degoutant!!

my friend jenifer walked by while i was writing this and i had her read it. when i read it, i thought immediately of the episode on seinfeld when kramer decides to take care of some kitchen duties while showering (e.g. peeling vegetables.) when jenifer read it, she thought of something else...while looking for an apartment in new york, she became excited about what seemed to be a good find. when she went to view the two-bedroom, one bath loft, she was surprised to find an unusual kitchen/second bedroom. in the kitchen there was a bathtub, and above that bathtub there was a murphy bed.

 i guess we do what we have to do with the space we have.  just remind me to only eat what lebovitz has cooked in a restaurant or bakery.

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