Monday, May 2, 2011


I taught high school for a couple of years. the following is an example of a typical day...

So its near the end of the class period, near the end of the day
The students of third year French have (somewhat) diligently finished an exam

One student requests a trip to the little boys room
i say little boys room, yet he is of driving age

Being that some chocolate sounds beyond satisfying,
i grant his wish and request he do me a favor

"Do you know so-and-so, in this office"


"Would you go get a miniature peppermint patty for me?"


This task seems easy enough, i continue my work at the computer.
He returns, empty-handed
"She was having a meeting with some other people"
i asked who, he told me that besides my secretary friend there was another secretary, the prinicipal, and the assistant principal.
i am disappointed, but understand.

i find out that he
A. knocked on the freakin door
the assistant principal answered
B. he states, for all to hear, "Ms. Spencer wants a york peppermint patty."
quel surprise, he was turned away

if i could have kicked him in the rear, i would have

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