Friday, May 13, 2011

crispy like a perm

today has been a delightful day. i have nearly slept through the night two days in a row so i feel so much better than usual. i disputed an astronomical gas bill and had it lowered. (still paranoid i read the meter wrong, but i guess we'll find out soon.) i took care of e-mails and calls that were on my to-do list. and although i can't be out there more than a minute, the weather is absolutely gorgeous and it feels beachy :)

also, my husband picked me up and took me out to eat :) he also had a present for me: two gorgeous little plates, one avec l'arc de triomphe et l'autre -- la tour eiffel, bien sur. i look forward to using them.

my workmate came by to chat. she is so articulate and takes time to say her words, softly, almost soothing. i like to hear her talk. she described someone's hair as a perm, and i said, "maybe it's natural?" and she said, "it seems crispy like a perm, or maybe just crispy from dyeing it blond?" which i thought was hilarious. so i wrote it down and now i am telling you.

working the second job tonight. okay with it as i can lie in bed for as long as i want in the morning. (will probably still wake up at 6 or 7, but at least i can be lazy, drink coffee, and hang out with my gorgeous husband.

bon week-end!

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