Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i long for the "simple" life, and if i lived it, food would be so different...

few additives
not overly processed
few ingredients
fine ingredients
good for me

so different from what we eat now. and not crazy expensive to eat healthier.

however, i work at a fine establishment, and we sometimes get to feast on their delicious offerings. each tuesday, i work an early breakfast, and we often get to eat the spread. this morning we could choose from: fresh fruit, farm fresh eggs, buckwheat pancakes, sorghum butter, housemade bacon, local ham, housemade biscuits, gravy, jam made in-house, local honey, housemade yogurt, and the best granola ever. need something besides coffee? perhaps freshly squeezed juices- orange or grapefruit, or milk from a local creamery.

so we eat this breakfast and feel crazy energized for hours, and don't usually need to eat until dinner. it's not as if we super pig-out. it's because what we are eating are whole foods and wholesome. and of course, mighty tasty.

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