Monday, May 2, 2011

wine wednesday

wine wednesday. what a splendid idea :)
a couple of weeks ago, my husband and i decided to eat as if we had four times as much money as we do. it was grand. tapas, bread, bottle of wine (half-off!), sharing two entrees over good conversation. a tiny dessert (that he didn't want, and then ate most of...). it helped me to relax and re-evaluate and reminded me that everything will be okay.

ideally i would cook more than i do (while drinking wine and listening to good music) but i lack the time. i also lack the shopping/planning skills. there was one time in my life, besides when i lived in paris, that i actually took time to cook each day. i was on holiday visiting my sister and her children in australia for 2 months. while they were away at work and school, i would decide the menu, shop (sometimes making 2 trips to the store), and then start the preparations. nothing short of lovely...

last night, i settled on making a casserole-like dish. (i am anti-casserole, as i grew up served too many. now i know why. easy!) chicken spaghetti. my husband loved it. and it will be delicious as leftovers tuesday and wednesday nights for him. i will be away at my glamorous second job both nights.

so, this wednesday the forecast calls for no wine-ing...

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