Thursday, May 19, 2011


i work in public service. three things happened today that i didn't like.

1. woman on her cell phone (not supposed to be) on SPEAKER phone so that the whole room could hear...when i asked her to keep it down and take it off speaker, she said she didn't know how.
things to figure out before making a call...

2. a woman coming in and asking for something WHILE FLOSSING her teeth with one of those hand held picks. i couldn't look her in the face, and i almost got sick about it.

3 and third, WOW this is by far the worst one. guy walks up on his cell phone (see #1) and motions/mouths that he needs a pen. argh!! try putting that person on hold and then asking me politely if you could borrow a pen.
he then returned it and asked if he could keep it, "is it one of your free pens?"
we don't have free pens.
then he asked me if i could do something for him on my computer.
i told him they could do it at the front desk...he said, "oh, so you're just playing free cell"
i said "no" and wanted to say, " i am actually blogging about how rude you are."

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