Monday, June 6, 2011

the garden and the heat.

surely i have talked about my garden. i love it. my garden is one of my favorite things. ever.
dream fulfilled.

my baby okra plants are enjoying the heat and growing. pulled beets and carrots, will enjoy them tonight.
tomatoes and cucumbers are thriving. will probably start picking in about 3-4 weeks.

makes me so happy to visit and talk to them and water them. i always want to keep watering forever.
(probably wouldn't hurt in this heat.)
i choose not to think about bad things that could happen to my babies. (like beetles or racoons or anything,)

speaking of heat, my shoulders and forehead are becoming SO TAN from my runs. i mean, i am not outside all that long...i can only imagine what i will look like by the end of the summer when i am running for longer periods of time. maybe like that summer after 11th (10th?) grade. i'll also take that body, please. looked like an indian princess. thought i was big and ugly. sigh.

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