Tuesday, June 21, 2011

grumpy grumperson

Je dois avouer que je suis assez grognon si je ne dors pas assez.

just wanting to cry like a four year old child who needs a nap and a long hug.
so tired. so sad. almost angry about it.
want it to be 9 PM tonight already.

it's the Summer Solstice :) the longest day of the year
(solstice at 12.16 local time)
a day of celebration and enjoyment.

so what if you were in the hot tub at 4 A.M. trying to wake up for your first of two jobs (a long long work day followed by some brutal working out.)  at least you got to see how the night sky was losing it's nightness. and then by 5:15 how dawn appeared as you went to work. not to mention, you got to be in a hot tub!! (not ours.)

insert bitterness bit here: okay, wait, don't. it will only depress the audience, cause them to have bad thoughts about me and others, and only provide a small amount of laughter.

AND i am sitting on my bottom at work. it could be worse, i could be waitressing or something.
a lot of things could be worse.
(hmm...see previous post, a lot of things aren't, though.)

anyway....so i wasn't planning on it but it looks like i have to do the lunch-break run and hope i make it back in time.
(might rain later, i can't chance it.)

also, mainly depressed because i had numerical realizations last night about how fat i am.
well, say goodbye fat, because i am leaving you behind. i don't know how you snuck up on me like that.
(perhaps it was...depression, food, alcohol, thinking an hour of walking is as good as running for 30 minutes, depression, food, alcohol, saying yes to dessert, depression, lack of sleep, metabolism change,etc.)

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