Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i would like to share about my wants:

eye doctor, contact lenses, and new lenses for my scratched glasses


king-sized bed

yearly, guilt-free, paid vacations.

never to move again, except to our own house "in the country"

new couch

$1,000 in bank account, $2,000 in savings, always.

a good, steady job for my husband


money for healthy food, time for cleaning

stability for my family

to be slim and fit.

things i most desire on this list:
good job for husband
slim and fit

i know this is mostly money related, but i feel it is okay to list my desires.

on a lighter note, i had good sleep last night!!!!!

on an exciting note, in 40 minutes my bf will be on nbc live about her opera!! too bad i can't watch it live.

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