Monday, June 13, 2011

what happened to your nose?

did you skin your nose?
what's on your nose?
what happened?

lately i have been taking off my glasses quite often.
i guess they usually conceal my smudge.
smudge came when i was about three. i can't remember what it is called.
i call it an "under the skin rash" but my mother says that's not correct.
it looks like broken blood vessels compacted together.

anyway, i am sick of people asking about it.
every so often, people i had known for years would just notice it.
once a girl i had known for 5 years asked if i got sunburned on a ski trip.


i have to respond "oh, it's always there. been there since i was three. i like it. it's my smudge"

oh, and it could be removed with a laser, supposedly.
although my friend has a similar spot (called "zap") and her mom made her get it removed with a laser.
the laser went "zap" and the spot came back (larger) a few days later.
she likes it, too, but does conceal it with makeup.

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