Monday, June 6, 2011


this morning i slept in, which was wonderful. my husband did, too, and sir charles was stretched out on the bed next to me, so we looked like 3 kids sharing a (double) bed. pretty cute.

so i rushed a bit (after a strange breakfast including carrots and coffee with milk/sugar) and made it to work on time! i did have to re-braid my hair and wash my face here, though.

then at lunchtime, i went home, ran, showered, and made it back on time (still sweating.)
even though it was only about 96 heat index, it felt like the i even hydrated a lot yesterday and today.

but on my third week of running every day and loving it, and finally starting to notice some fat-loss.

on a different note, after interacting with a co-worker...

i am sure i have mentioned this before, but i used to like EVERYBODY. now i don't. what is my problem? jaded? lack of good sleep? it's like i am not only immediately irritated, but i also instantly recall all unpleasant encounters and my annoy-o-meter rises which each passing second. hoping that they will stop talking to me, asking stupid questions, notice the lack of a smile on my face, and go away.


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