Wednesday, September 7, 2011

and i return

so, a holiday, and now, many more posts.

today i chose a different spot to wallow in the grass and soak up sun on my lunch break. just near the amphitheatre. so i am lying there and see a horse cop coming my way. i think, "am i not supposed to be on the grass?" doesn't usually happen here, unlike paris. "interdit!," the signs would say. and if one were caught (usually unknowingly breaking the rule, forgetting that the grass is for  looks only!), he/she would be treated like a criminal. they might as well be yelling "thief!" or sewing a letter A for the perpetrator's chest. so anyway, as the horse cop is approaching, i think, "i hope he does come over here!" so i can yell WHOA NELLIE. and then i thought i was super funny. later, when i walked by the horse, who was tied to a rail near a tree and looking rather depressed, i swear he could hear my thoughts. i told him how cute he was, and that i wanted to pet him and feed him a treat, and that we would both be happier if i were riding him along a beach.

after the horse cop walked by, i heard a terrible raucous. i actually thought a couple of crazy birds were about to attack me. then i saw that it was only a toddler with some shoes that squeaked or something. i felt silly.

speaking of birds...
 this morning as i was walking with my good friend bon, both sipping (glorious!) cappuccinos and smiling at the sun on our face, i asked her if she had heard the mockingbird near the adjacent building. she could barely tell me between laughs that it was actually an alarm. i had walked by there so many times, impressed by that bird squawking his heart out.

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