Thursday, September 8, 2011

a good sneeze

i have always loved a good sneeze.

about 6 months ago, i started experiencing several sneeze teases a day. this is when a sneeze comes on...ah, ah, ah, ah...
and instead of the huge CHOO...nothing. i really can't stand it. aside from death, severe pain, and heartaches, it must be one of the worst feelings in the world.

recently i have had about 8 teases a day. you can imagine my frustration. however, about every other day, one follows through. i don't care if i have to sneeze in your face (really, i don't, sorry) i am going to let that sneeze go.

and don't tell me to eat something hot, or a spicy peppermint, or even to sniff pepper...nothing works.

also, i used to be able to encourage a sneeze by squeezing the bridge of my nose. this no longer works. but try it out, it will probably work for you. and, of course, the gazing into the sun or light fixture. that almost always satisfied the sneeze monster. oh, and if you don't want to sneeze, try pinching the bit between your nostrils. that one really works. if only i needed it.


  1. I always find that a good 3 sneezes follow my embarrassment at having strangled on seemingly nothing in public. I go through the process of strangling, coughing, not being able to talk, people asking if I am ok or need the Heimlich, and then three BIG loud sneezes that I must release, almost against my own will. this does not make for a pleasurable sneeze.

  2. oh, i know. one of the funniest things i ever said...rebekah, rachel, and i were at the crackerbarrel in arkadelphia. somebody sneezed SUPER loud, and i said, "is mom here?" we all had a good laugh, at your expense. first and last time, no worries! love you, too. glad you like the writing. working on some "picture stories" to post soon.