Sunday, September 18, 2011

looking forward to...

the end of this work week.

originally we thought we would try to take a vaca in september or october. since cade has a new job, we can't. i feel like i need a break, so i planned to take a few days off from work. i asked for thursday-monday, so i would only use up 24 hours of time-off and have a 5 day rest.

however, i will leave work at one thursday and return tuesday morning. i happen to be able to work a shift at my other job thursday at three, and then have FOUR WHOLE DAYS off!!!  :) so happy. delighted. when does it happen that i have four days off with no commitments, no holiday gatherings, and no travel? seldom, and not a long while. (sidenote: i actually had a dream last night that i was asked to teach french. although i knew there was no way i could do that right now, i said yes and was so excited about the holidays. ah, the teacher summer...i knew that carefree bliss.)

i plan to rest, organize like mad, perhaps a couple or three hours of deep cleaning, running errands (hopefully having some extra money to buy some things like a new shower curtain liner), etc. i think i will devote a whole day to rest, such as monday i think. or friday, or both. including a massage and other pampering, perhaps a mani-pedi.

AND only a three and a half work week at the library.
which is practically only three days!

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