Thursday, September 8, 2011

san remo

meet me at san remo.

SAN REMO, 17th arrondisement

San Remo is my favorite restaurant in mon quartier in Paris. It is just a couple of streets from where I lived, quaint, tourist-free, outstandingly delicious, and ridiculously inexpensive. I used to go with friends or "my kids" at least once a month. A time or two we ordered take-out. I think every visitor I had (about nine in a year!) experienced San Remo. Once or twice...

A typical visit to my beloved restaurant:

We would choose to sit inside or outside, depending on the weather, and on nice days the owners would open the store-front window so that everyone could enjoy the sunshine and light breeze. First, the serious servers would serve us a complimentary kir. The first time we came, we didn't know what was happening, gladly drank our kir, and assumed we would see it on our tab. Non! Pas de tout! Such a treat. I think now they even add a complimentary appetizer? We would order un carafe d'eau (tap water) and perhaps some wine. Sometimes we would order bread sticks, which are not to heavy, salty, and definitely whet the appetite. It is a pizzeria, but has other tasty options as well. For instance, La Salade
Roi-Soleil has juicy chicken and chunks of pineapple with a creamy, sort of mayonnaise-like dressing. Sounds unusual, but chances are, you would love it. (Also, a tribute the Sun King, a.k.a Louis XIV. Not sure why, but it's fun.) The pizza is so similar to the way Italians make it, I'd almost think I was actually in San Remo (coastal town in Italy, not far from France.) I usually had the Quatre Fromage (four cheese) which pretty much blew my mind every time I ate it. I had an out-of-town friend who ordered a pizza with a sunny-side-up egg on top. Traditional, and delicious. We'd usually splurge on dessert. Something small, probably chocolate and tres rich, and just the right size. And then after, the customary espresso. Always a good experience, always left me smiling.

I felt at home there.

Please visit if you can.
See the pictures below for your enjoyment. They do not truly represent the experience.
(I think I took one picture there, I will look for it and post it if I can.)


pizza, just like italy


complimentary kir

always "un express"
(the perfect ending to the perfect meal.)

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  1. oh Sarah, i'm not sure i've ever longed to be there more with you! someday, i hope. some perfect day.