Wednesday, September 14, 2011

things that make me feel bad, PART ONE

1. just now realizing i haven't written in almost a week.

2. complaining

3. running/workout injuries

4. complaining (btw, this is VENTING, my last complaint! must relieve self!)

5. not liking people

6. 96% of the time that i look on facebook

7. eating too fast
8. feeling full (don't usually feel too full, but i did last night and it was yucky.)

9. hurting someone's feelings

10. saying something inappropriate

11. talking too much

12. annoying someone

13-21. failure of any kind.

22. thinking bad thoughts about someone.

23.-1,000. being judgmental

for the sake of brevity, #24 being fat

25. not working out.

26. picking at my face.

27. not having enough time to water my babies in the garden this morning.

28. watching tv or a dumb movie

29. spending money

must stop here. getting depressing.

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