Thursday, September 8, 2011

his artistic creation

probably one of the most ironic and most annoying things that ever happened to me was when i went with a friend to have her bridal photos taken. being in a real snapshot mood, i brought my camera and clicked away. we had barely started the photo shoot, outside in a gorgeous but stifling hot garden, when the photographer took a minute adjusting his camera. while he did, i had anna do a little something different while i took some shots. i think i had her put her feet in the stream while sitting on a small bridge and lean back or something. i was into it, and it looked good. very natural. pretty much unlike what he was doing.

when the superb-artist came back to take the photos, and while i continued taking shots of the position i put her in, he interrupted, so concerned, and asked that i not take photos of his artistic creations. WHAT? i do truly regret that i didn't have the gonads at that time (oh, how i would now) to say, "then don't take a photo of her, here, like this, because i created it!!!" instead, he talked about what a great shot it was and snapped away. what a jerk. seriously?!?! next you'll tell me that you thought of the whole internet idea.  wth.

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