Wednesday, September 7, 2011

johnny depp

well, i recently found out that johnny depp will be starring in the rum diary.  and of course i have to read the book before i see the movie.  i had a funny thought just now. wondering if they will print books with him on them as a marketing tool. anyway...i am sure the film will be fabulous, as he is.

meanwhile, a good, quick read by a more-than-probably tortured genius former sportswriter extraordinaire strangely handsome author, who also happened to say his favorite bar was none other than the capital hotel's (pre-restored) bar & grill...

The Rum Diary: A Novel

excellent read! love it, can't wait for the film. definitely read it yesterday, as in one day, and encourage you to read it soon!


  1. hello :)

    rebekah is trying to help me with this.
    hope it works.

  2. So, finally, I can write comments that don't get 'taken away' cause I couldn't find a way to make my comments 'stick'. Love your writing, Sarah. and I love you, you talented young woman!